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M & H Field Trip(Kyungju)


Field Trip


On 11 November 2019, 14 students with 2 lecturers
went for a trip to Kyungju, Korea with an aim to visit the historic sites and most
of all, to participate in a camp hosted by Dr. Son, Muntak, an ex-professor of KAIST,
the best science university in Korea and specialist in Appropriate Technology. We
arrived there at around 6:40 in the evening. We planned to enjoy and learn cultural
heritage of 1000-year-old Shinla dynasty, and delve into IOT(Internet of Things)
using Raspberry Pi boards and Wifi technology to control gadgets in chicken run:
a good example of Appropriate Technology to help poor countries.

Trip Objective


The objectives of the trip was to get to know
the Appropriate Technology in more details in terms of IOT and Wireless Remote Control,
to get exposure on products and programs and also to learn about the cultural heritages
around Kyungju area.

Field Observation


Ms. Catherine guided and explained in details
about historic heritages from ancient Shinla dynasty such as tombs, royal palace
sites, temples, statues. Etc. During the tour, we jotted down some notes and took
lots of pictures of once shining feats of our ancestors.


The places we paid visit are:


첨성대-a constellation observatory


동궁과 월지-an amusement annexe to royal palace


천마총-a royal tomb with golden crown


불국사-well known buddhist temple


석굴암-a grotto with a big statue of Buddha

Due to time constraint as there were many things
to watch and to ask, Ms. Catherine worked hard to meet the schedules for meals and
other reservations for the sites.

We learned various things about IOT and Wifi
control for the chicken run for poor countries in 최부자아카데미. Starting from basic concept of Python program and Raspberry computer
boards, we practiced coding for making the wireless connection to happen for food
feeder, water feeder, auto fan, and light, and remote control the gadgets inside
the sophisticated hexagonal cage we built for ourselves.


Our trip ended about 6:30 pm, 15th
of November. It can be concluded that the trip was successful and we believed that
our objective was achieved. We learned something new and beneficial for us. It was
a well recommended trip especially IT/Social Welfare/International Communication/Cultural
Exchange students.