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  • It has been a great opportunity for the students to have this new learning experience. They were able to simulate the real-world by exercising their negotiating skills while simultaneously getting to know more about one another. We are looking forward to another KIS Bazaar next school year! We sincerely thank all students and parents for your continued support!
  • Despite the bad weather condition, we had so much fun! We cannot wait to have next one!
  • What a wonderful and demanding year, for grade six! From teaching their classmates, to learning the importance of collaboration, the grade six students worked hard and diligently. These students are leaving grade six with a better grasp on how to be global citizen and how to leave a lasting impression. They were challenged in ways unfamiliar to them, and tackled every challenge to the best of their individual understanding. Congratulations to KIS's Grade 6 Class of 2019. KIS looks forward to what they will do next!
  • We've become a family We have an unbreakable bond This is a " See you later" not " So long" We can count to 100 We've learned how to read So let's go to the 1st grade and succeed
  • 2019-06-03