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  • Welcome to KIS!
  • Another school year has come to a close. We want to thank students for their hard work this year and for handling the changes at the school, with grace. We will miss the students who are moving on to other places, as they added their superb personalities to the wonders of KIS. We will also miss teachers who will not be returning to KIS, in the upcoming academic year. May these teachers make a lasting impression in the lives of their new students, as they have in the lives of the students at KIS. We look forward to the new academic year and wish everyone a happy summer.
  • Despite the bad weather condition, we had so much fun! We cannot wait to have next one!
  • We've become a family We have an unbreakable bond This is a " See you later" not " So long" We can count to 100 We've learned how to read So let's go to the 1st grade and succeed