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We believe that it is our role as Kindergarten teachers to provide a safe and
nurturing environment for your children as they make the transition from home to school.

Kindergarten is about teaching the skills and strategies to;

- become independent
- become creative thinkers
- learn to make good choices
- learn to become kind, considerate and responsible


Reading- Writing -Phonics
A primary goal of Kindergarten is to allow children to develop a love and curiosity of reading.
As the students explores our language program, teachers engage the students in powerful,
meaning ful, and interesting instruction in phonics and other principals of how words are constructed.
Oral and written language are intricate processes of the total language process and the kindergarten curriculum is very rich in language experience.

Children study a variety of science topics that make them aware of the world around them.
The children learn about the life science topics through study and abservation; they explore earth and physical science through the
studies of seasons and magnetism.

Exposure to mathematical concepts is lively and interactive. Children use a variety of manipulatives,
such as colored counters and unifix cubes, to develop numerical concepts.
Teachers expose the children to numbers and number sense, measurements, geometric shapes, graphing,
sequencing/ pattering, and classification. Children learn to tell time and are introduced to the skill of counting money. 
children learn single- and double- digit addition concepts, along with the operation of subtraction.

Students will be engaged in both Korean and Chinese classes multiple times a week.
Being exposed to more than one language will enhance communication skills.
It also challenges the brain and improves cognitive and social- emotional development, learning, and the chance for long-term success.

Students will learn to understand, design, build and program robots.
Students will learn about engineering and creative thinking.
Our program is used to ignite the passion and curiosity of children.

Physical Education
Physical Education consist of weekly yoga, taekwondo and swimming classes.
With hopes to improve the children's muscular strength, flexibility, muscular endurance,
body composition and cardiovascular endurance.
The instructors encourage students to develop a love for fitness and health through social interation and team building.

Kindergarteners attend music class to explore pitch, rhythm, dynamics, tempo and tone through singing, playing instruments, and creating music.
Students are introduced to art with the art teacher. The children are introduced to drawing simple lines and shapes.
with this as a foundation, students begin to branch out into creating graphic designs, animals, plants, and people.