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Our elementary school follows an American curriculum for lower grades (1-3) and a British curriculum for upper grades (4-6).
Courses (except for Korean, Spanish, Tae Kwon Do and Chinese), are taught in English.
We emphasize 21st century skills such as collaboration, problem solving, and creativity.
We further emphasize the importance of being respectful and honest not only at school but at home.

Curriculum breakdown:
Core subjects

    English – 10 lessons per week
    Mathematics – 5 lessons per week
    Chinese – 5 lessons per week
    Science – 3 lessons per week,
        Grade 6 – 4 lessons per week
    Social Studies – 3 lessons per week
        Grade 6 – 4 lessons per week

Three outer-core subject areas

    Music – 2 lessons per week
        1 – Music
        1 – Instrument (ukulele)
    Art – 1 lesson per week
    P.E. – 1 lesson per week
    TKD – 1 lesson per week


    Use of PR1ME Mathematics
    PR1ME is published by Scholastic, Inc.
    Developed by leading mathematics educators from Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong


    Grades 1-3 use Scott Foresman Reading Street published by Pearson.
    Grades 4-6 use Oxford English

Students who need more help in English are placed in IEP (Intensive English Program),
where they receive more individualized help. This class occurs during the normal English class.

    Using Scott Foresman Science published by Pearson.
    Scientific method

Social Studies

    My World Social Studies published by Pearson.
    Focus on investigation and globalization.


    Grades 1-3 focus speaking and listening, as well as the acquisition of pinyin.
    Grades 4-6 focus on reading and writing, as well as spoken Chinese.