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At KIS International School, we provide students with a well-balanced set of core subjects and elective classes
to build a stable foundation to further their knowledge, foster their integrity and provide service to their school and community.
All subjects are taught in English up until G10, and bilingual consideration for second language acquisition starts from G11.

At KIS we are aware that second language acquisition is much more than an academic pursuit–it has to become
an essential skill for global cooperation and problem solving.
By forcing an English-speaking environment across subjects, we aim to expose students to plentiful opportunities
to become more effective listeners, speakers and collaborators.

Additionally, at KIS, the focus of the curriculum is not only upon the acquisition of cognitive skills,
but also upon the development of appropriate physical, social/emotional and behavioral skills.
The specific kind of instruction provided varies according to grade level.

For high school specifically, we put great emphasis on self-directed learning,
and encourage the students to have one or two IS(Independent Study) for their areas of interest.